T i n y   T o t s   D a n c e 

Introducing young performers to the world of dance. Students will learn the basic skills including timing, co-ordination and flexibility 

B a l l e t

An historic art form that has focused on the movement of the human body. NTS classical lessons provide essential basic learning right the way through to IDTA teaching qualifications. Students will learn how to gracefully move and shape their body using correct technique and language. Ballet is a core subject and the foundation of all dance genres. 

T a p

An energetic dance form characterised by the use of metal taps and the shoe to create rhythmic patterns. Tap class helps students with timing and counting. Tapping is a skillful practice that once accomplished is highly exciting and a very creative form of dance 

T h e a t r e   C r a f t 

An exciting musical theatre class created to develop a well rounded performer and a versatile show dancer. Students look at Musical Theatre, Pantomime, Cabaret and commercial dance. Theatre Craft is a performance based syllabus. 

M o d e r n  J a z z

 A fun and varying class. Learn to dance to a broad range of rhythms and musical styles developing strength and flexibility. Modern classes teach students to use emotion when performing.

M u s i c a l  T h e a t r e

combines acting, singing and dancing ! With focus on different styles and genres it gives students confidence across the board.

F r e e s t y l e 

is the most popular form of dance in the UK. Combine runs, kicks, leaps and spins along with many other diverse steps and movements. Learn to use your arms and hands and use freedom of expression to enhance your dancing style. 

A c r o b a t i c s / G y m n a s t i c s

mixes the two practices together. Contortion and tumbling skills. Begin with the basic focus on flexibility, strength and control. Work your way from novice to expert 

S t r e e t  &  B r e a k  D a n c e

is principally an urban form or dance, combining many urban and commercial pop styles. Street dance is very modern and follows the current dance styles 

P r i v a t e  l e s s o n s

Available on request for the budding dancers who wish to compete in festivals with solos up and down the country.
Exams in:Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Freestyle, Musical Theatre.