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I can't really remember my first dance lesson very well. I was only a toddler.

What I do know is it was on that day I discovered myself, I had found my true passion,

released my creativity and I had began my journey to the perfect job!

Miss Charlotte Stockton FIDTA

School Principal            

Welcome to Nouveau Theatre School, thank you for stopping by. Established in 2009 we pride ourselves in creating an unforgettable learning experience for our students. We readily welcome students from the age of 1 years (walking) in our toddler and parents classes through to 18 years,Students are welcome to attend for the joy of dancing and performing or can work in depth further and work towards exams with the IDTA, competitions, festivals and shows up and down the country and abroad, with a variety of different classes and experiences we have something to offer for all ages and abilities.  Find your class today and join our Nouveau community. 

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