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I can't really remember my first dance lesson very well. I was only a toddler.

What I do know is it was on that day I discovered myself, I had found my true passion,

released my creativity and I had began my journey to the perfect job!

Miss Charlotte Stockton FIDTA

School Principal            

Nouveau have been enriching and educating young people with extra curricular training in dance and the performing arts since 2009.

Expert teachers providing the highest quality dance and theatre tuition in the West Midlands. Learning at Nouveau will educate, encourage and inspire Britains finest young performers.

We have an exceptional teaching programme that has been carefully developed from the countless years of professional practice and teaching experience teachers atribute to the school.

Our students don't just focus on technique and practical training, we know the fundimental importance of theoretical and subject knowledge. An indepth understanding of a subject and it's industry will have a positive benifit to a students learning and future achievements.

Core subjects taught at Nouveau follow the IDTA teaching syllabus and will require students to take graded examinations two or three times a year. We maintain a 100% pass rate across all examined subjects.

Every child should have the opportunity to dance and perform. Serious or hobbiest our school welcomes all, regardless of ability and circumstance. Recreational lessons offer fun, healthy early learning, introducing students to a exciting interst and great opportunites.

Experience and opportunity play a key role in the preparation of a child pursuing any kind of career. A student looking at progressing to higher eduacation, focused on the performing arts will find learning with Nouveau a valuable, memorable experience.

Recreational and intensive learning will actively provide a student with performance experience aswel as a healthy and engaging educational activity. Rec students can take part in shows and other exciting school activities without the pressure of exams.

For the more committed student taking IDTA graded classes offers fantastic experiences and opportunities invaluable to a young creatives development. Graded students have the chance to be a part of dance festivals, compete internationally with our world champion comp team, take part in industry workshops, auditions and public performances plus much more.

Being a part of our school is more than just learning and practice. A childs time at Nouveau will be a happy and nuturing part of their growing. Making new friends and learning new skills, reaching new heights and building a firm industry foundation are just a few of the wonderful things that can be found at Nouveau Theatre School.

To be the best, choose NTS.