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Charlotte Stockton FIDTA

School Principal - Teacher - Choreographer

Graduating as a scholar of the highly acclaimed Urdang Academy, London, Miss Stockton has performed, choreographed and consulted for both stage and film professionally for over 20 years.

Miss Stockton also believes in educating young people. For more than a decade Miss has been teaching primary education in dance and the performing arts, leading school workshops, delivering master classes and GCSE level secondry education.

Sarah Skinner IDTA

Senior Teacher - Choreographer - Pilates Instructor

An experienced and passionate teacher with experience and determination. Miss Skinner performed as a professional dancer for more than 14 years and has worked with Miss Stockton for a many years. Miss Skinner is not just a teacher she is also a business women. With experience running her own business and also running her own school and having spent time working as an entertainment manager Miss Skinners teaching not only gets excellent results but gives students valuable and crucial knowledge about the structure of the industry.  

Brenda IDTA



ACRO - Gym - Fitness Instructor - Personal Trainer

 highly experienced instructor and teacher, well trained, hard working with an eager attitude to teaching. Where do we start? Miss Rhodes provides crucial key skills that aid development in all subjects. An impressive collection of qualifications in gymnastics and health care is supported with specialist training in first aid, cardiac rehabilitation and specific and controlled illnesses. She has a good knowledge of anatomy and sports science. Students being taught by Miss Rhodes have will benefit Hard working and an eager attitude has highly qualified  

Ellie Dade

Student Teacher


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